Wednesday, August 30, 2006

early morning post

it's 7:30 am i just had to take a break. im really down after my coffee spilled in the car :-( yeah shallow. too shallow, but it's just sort of a breaking point, i know tina babe will understand when i say it's a pansit-spilling, calamansi-rolling kinda-thing hehehehe. everything just accumulates. AND! backaches are back. now count how many posts back that's it's just complains about life. i am beginning to feel unhappy about what i'm doing. i hate to think that some people gets to have everything placed on their laps and just have to study... if only i were given that chance sigh... (ophtha... ophtha... psych... psych...)

hay... hmmm... allright im ok now. im ok now. btw, yesterday we finally had the chance to go out during community pediatrics. we went to our community near loreto church and saw our very cute (but very dirty too) kids. well of course between me and my partner (verle) she virtually did all the asking except for some useless comments from me of course. i laughed at myself when i asked ron, my classmate from the US if he needed any help and he answered that his partner did the talking (language barrier thingy), i answered, "well im no different" hehehe thanks BERLY!

(reminder to self) i'll post about our big group discussion on the weekend ^_^


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