Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pharma - by the prayers of Mary

At long long last! Maybe some people won't believe it, but... (at last) I passed a Pharma exam! So, it's not true the first time always hurt (hehehe) on the contrary, i enjoyed it very well I even shouted in glory! (when i found out i reached the threshold, that is) Anyway, it's really exhausting swimming against the current of Rio Pharma but I'm still holding on. In retrospect, I remembered last year that I promised myself to study hard in advance so that I won't experience the last minute super-study and super-prayer sessions but I seem to be an expert on last minute bursts of effectiveness.

I remembered the weekend when we were at Cha's house (it was my first time to play billiards), It was shameful I tell you... I can't get one ball in and I was thinking maybe my partner Marose was already getting annoyed by it hehehe BUT! we won! and guess who shot the eight ball in!? ME! the first ball I shot through was (drum roll please) an eight ball! The last ball supposed to be put in, I jumped in joy literally that time. hehehe

I hope I don't do it with Pharma but if it's the only way I'll pass I'll accept it :-) Zagato-OUT!

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cLaude said...

oh hey, i dint know you had a blog. i have one too just in case you dont know. hehehe.
pharma? that's a bitch. pero mas bitch ka dun. ehehe. paturo ka sa mga "friends" ko. heehee. g'luck.