Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my back is aching

i've been in front of the computer for almost an entire week. i've been doing a presentation on geriatric pharmacology and as i'm taking advantage of my numerous free time, i have spread the work doing a lot of game breaks, internet breaks, snack brakes, nap breaks, name it, i did it (wink) hahahaha just joking ^_^

anyway, i've been progressing steadily. i've never been this proud of myself, i didn't feel fed-up with any of the work. i guess this is just the way i work... i just can't go on continuously for extended periods of time. sigh... it's unfornate the world doesn't work the way i do...

i'm already on the making cue cards and making visual-aids part, and i still got three more days to do it, i see that i'll finish just in time and have lot's of time to rest in between hehehe ^_^

the downside of this is however, i have laxed my review for my "other thing" to focus on this... well... really don't care for the moment

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