Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Valentines Post

i am a happy valentine's popsy ^_^ thank you marge, i really appreciate your wish of happiness. i am happy that this valentine's both my loves have their own lovey-doves to snuggle with hahaha enjoy yourselves, just don't do nothin' nasty, BWAHAHAHAHA! joke!

i am a very contented person as far as this moment is concerned. yes, i've told marge that of course from time to time i wonder or perhaps "fantasize" (urrgh yuck im going to puke hahahaha) how it would feel to be in a "dream-relationship." but i daresay i do not desire it at all (for the moment) hahahaha! im enjoying my freedom so much i think i will need my head to get pounded by a mallet first before i remove the force-field hehehe.

to all the lovers out there who read this blog... HEY WHY ARE YOU HERE!? shouldn't you be doing something else!? ^_^ yeehee hahaha! if it's feb 14 and if you're reading this... YOU SUCK! loko lang hahahaha... my parting message is very profound...

...GO FORTH... AND... MULTIPLY God's blessings... be a miracle (oh ha!) happy valentine's everybody

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