Thursday, September 29, 2005

La Naval Enthronement

whew! it really was exhausting... holding back my emotions that is... hahahaha! I was really surpised I thought I’ve had it with 3 (or 4?) years of attending the la naval festivities, but I just cannot explain it!?? Seeing the image like a queen being brought down the church nave, preceeded by like 50 priests dressed similarly. It’s just like a queen entering her court. People were clapping… touching… waving their pañolitos… crying…

I got to touch the image, paganistic you might think, but I just really had the urge to touch it as it passed by in front of me. The image wasn’t wearing her real-real beautiful jewels maybe they thought it was better she dressed casually as she passed the people.

Of course there were these heavenly voices of the tiples again serenading their queen. Whew! Well… at least I didn’t cry… not yet :-)

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