Saturday, February 10, 2007

better than scrubs

i don't want to forget this HAHAHAHA

story : Patient is post op mitral valve replacement ready to be discharged... doctor asks his students to get a history and physical exam but can't look at the patient's chart and has to ask him the course in the wards (or what he can remember of it) and consider the patient seeing them the first time at that time
doctor : what is the complete cardiac diagnosis?
student : ah.... doctor the patient doesn't have a problem anymore
doctor : what!? give a complete cardiac diagnosis!

(nyaaaah what the !? as my friend said the patient could be NYHA class 0-0!? duh! is this doctor stupid or stupid?)

doctor : what did you hear in you physical exam was there a murmur or an abnormal finding?
student : no doctor, we just heard the artifical valve's clicking
doctor : what!? this slip of paper says this patient has mitral valve regurg, you should hear a murmur go back to the patient!!!
students : eh doctor the patient is already post op! she had it replaced.

my goooooooooooodnesssss...


ivy said...

even if patient is post-op a complete cardiac diagnosis can be made. you'll just place s/p mitral valve replacement (insert date here). just to help[ :)

s/p means status post

coz kunwari, yung mga post-op appendectomy, you can't say na you can't give a diagnosis anymore. instead, we use "acute appendicitis s/p appendectomy (3/3/07)" kinda like that...hope this helps.

Lord Zagato said...

^_^ problem was they were giving the correct diagnosis and the doctor wanted them to give the wrong one, the original condition the patient had (which was written on her paper)