Thursday, February 22, 2007

almost there...

clerkship, just a few more weeks... we've all waited an extended time for this, to prove ourselves. this thing's constantly in my mind now and i'd just have to unload. i've been thinking how long i'll last before a patient dies on me (hope not), when i'll recieve my first scolding, or when i'll have my first fight with a co-clerk because of exhaustion. well i'm not looking forward to all of that but i think it happens to every medical clerk. from my conversations with our former classmates, here are a few interesting things (not necessarily in a good way) about clerkship :

  1. clerkship is literally being a clerk. paperwork. paperwork. paperwork
  2. you have to buy a sleeping bag. there's not enough sleeping provisions to go around though i think we would be rarely getting any sleep. but i suppose as we adapt we'll learn how to sneak some zzz's hehehe
  3. you have to learn the art of "DA"
  4. you have to learn the art of "shopping"

more to come as i remember them... hehehe

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sugarandsunshine said...

5. You will discover who your REAL friends are, and the true qualities of the people around you...