Saturday, February 10, 2007

my week's top five XVIII *revived

since it's only on saturdays i can really post something, bear with the sudden vomiting of posts hehehe. my week's top five, revived:
  1. pesto - can't get enough of the bottled cheap pest, i eat it almost every other day!
  2. peanut butter - kim, me-an, verle, my, and surprisingly... candice's(!) ambrosia, we should create a peanut butter fan club!
  3. ma-ling - mmm mmm mmm a living-alone-guy's best friend ^_^ thanks again steff
  4. java chip venti (starbucks) - remembered a lot of my neurology last thursday night for the second shifting exam thanks to steff, verle and biel
  5. my house - it's not perfect, but i really appreciate it

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