Thursday, May 04, 2006

I know... I know...

Thank you God! You saved Elliott once again. He should choose songs wisely now. I wonder if they can contact their families and other people to ask advice on their song choices… hmm… I think they can’t divulge information.

My honest evaluation of the remaining contestants is that :

  • In General – all the four remaining contestants are good vocalists. It will be really a favoritism battle. Paris also had a good vocal ability and she just fell short on her fanbase perhaps.
  • Kathy – will have no problem with working the audience (especially me hehehe), it’ll be song choices that’ll be the limiting factor. No vocal problem at all. I still believe she’ll end up the winner.
  • Chris – has less audience appeal than Kathy, probably his rocker attitude. He showed his weakness this week, his voice may be giving up. His song choices are ok so far. He’ll definitely be in the final two
  • Elliott – I place him on third pretentiously fantasizing that he’ll overcome Taylor. Voice is great, but bad song choices. You can’t get on choosing bad songs. Based on yesterday alone, Elliott deserved to go. But Lady Luck loves my team ^_^
  • Taylor – has never been in the bottom anything. His bottom has been on the floor though. It’ll all depend on the voters who’ll go home next. Voice is great, always chooses songs as white as his hair to be safe, I’d like to see him try interpreting a song way out of his usual repertoire. But I doubt he’ll do it at this stage.

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