Thursday, May 04, 2006

You can tell...

…by now that I’m becoming obsessed. Well, what’s new? Hehehe. Kathy, you can’t do wrong anything in my eyes. Kathy’s performances were great last night, I’m not sure if randy was right about the pitchy things, it didn’t sound pitchy on TV. The second performance was even greater, with the sitting on the floor and the other people on stage.

I’m afraid last night may be the last for Elliott. I’m really sad thinking about it. He has a very good quality in his voice. And I’m sure I’ll buy any album of his when he gets a deal. Bad song choices, it’s all there is to it. and I totally agree that you can’t be singing “…I wanna go Home…” Hehehe. I pray it’ll be paris saying bye bye instead of him ^_^ but he deserves it.

By the way, Kathy... thank you for the wardrobe malfunction ^_^ hehehehe

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