Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Strength of Our Resolve

A few days ago I heard a very composed father on the radio relating how his family, along with mediamen were ambushed and killed by his soon to be opponent for governorship of a province. I wasn't new to news of political rivalry edging on violence and murder. But I was surprised at myself at how indifferent I felt for the people involved until the news sunk into me, now a few days old... people died, whether these people are truly innocents - some maybe and still some may have done a thing or two in their lives worth punishment - yet the way their lives were taken cannot be construed in any other way but pure selfishness and evil. I resent the fact that the government's (and by this I mean people up there) hands are tied by the politico culture of the country. For me, the issue here is not whether I am for or against whoever side or family should rule. It is that NO ONE is above the law and that it is apparent that not a trickle of conscience exist in those hearts that did this.... policemen and other participant who agreed on this despicable act, where are your souls? Are you so afraid for your own lives to agree to do this? If the mastermind didn't mind killing these people then who are you to be spared? Aren't you all participants now a "liability" that could squeak any moment. You've woven your own deathmats people... tsk tsk tsk...

I'm intrigued. I seriously want to pick the mind of the people who thought of this. What went wrong with their plans? Did they seriously think they could have gotten away with it? Or is it a seriously stupid plan and they were relying purely on guts? I love strategy and planning and this has gotta be one of the worst thought of plans LOL... killing people with Filipino mediamen in the entourage??

Sigh... I pray we have enough resolve to follow through to provide justice... this is still our country and we should own it.

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