Wednesday, November 11, 2009

See Now?! Burnham! Grr

I was just talking about Burnham's Plan a few weeks back because of the August flooding of Manila. And now... see... it's what's being brought up. Everyone's talking about Palafox's study on urban development in the city. Sigh... It's all hindsight, I bet no one's gonna lift a finger against those illegal settlers because it's election time next year. I applaud GMA's volunteering of Malacanan demolition to set an example for people with properties beside the rivers. What are my thoughts on the sep 26 great flood of Metro Manila?

WE -- should build that smart tunnel or flood highway they are thinking of from Laguna de Bay out into the Manila Bay. Buidling a tunnel will make controlling the water easier as it will not spill out of the tunnel if there's too much volume but a depressed highway that could be used as an emergency spillway would be cheaper to build.

WE -- should rellocate those people in the most dangerous areas such as that provident village (imagine people and animals hanging on electric posts and wires...). It's no time to get sentimental... will we wait for the population to be decimated before we do something? Oh wait... maybe we should just wait for us to be decimated so the problem will be easier to solve.

Sigh... it's really unfortunate... earlier I was riding a jeep and this woman left her empty mineral water bottle in her seat. I asked her if she is going to leave that when she was about to alight. She ignored me. I wanted to throw the bottle at her! Grr... That bottle should be shoved up hers... What kind of people are we!? Really!? Geesh...

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