Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Love You Kathy McPhee!!!

  • I just finished watching tonight's episode. Kathy sang Someone to Watch Over Me. Sob... Sob... I'm sorry kathy I can't vote for you from here. Why!??? Why!???? MARRY ME!!!! WHAA!!! I can possibly jump on a couch!... Ten times if you wish for it.
  • on a side note, why do you have to ruin elliott's performance simon!? he did a great job. i thought his performance was superlative and i don't understand simon's comment. i hope it's not bye bye time yet for my other idol.
  • in my opinion, it's either kellie or ace's who should be goin' bye bye


John said...

I've finally started to think she will be this season's winner. It's been coming to me slowly, but this last performance sold me. Chris is her only obstacle, and he loses votes when he sings outside of his genre. If the two of them were head to head in the finals, she'd kill him. And she's from Sherman Oaks. (5 miles from me, if you want me to pass on your proposal)!

Lord Zagato said...

hahaha! yes! yes! oh her dress last night was just mmm mmm mm... hehehe especially when she stooped a little down and the slit opened up to until i don't know where! she knows how to use her assets ^_^ i totally disagree with the judges that the song was too big, she did good, it must've sounded different in the studio.