Sunday, April 23, 2006

movie marathon

yesterday, i watched 7 movies! hehehe! now i have to apologize again to the movie emperor ^_^ i have to talk about these movies :

  • origins of the da vinci code – well, it was a documentary. the truth of the matter is, i am not crazily amazed by what this documentary presents. pentacles in the landscape, aligned churches, and mountains, etc. with the abundance of mountains, i can fit any pattern i wanted to see. i can understand hidden codes in text and patterns in paintings because it’s man-made but i do not see god’s purpose for aligning some mountains in france and letting it be discovered by some people in my lifetime. not that i am saying that i understand god’s motives. i do not. but what i do understand is that if god had a message, he made it known. i believe in the bible. when he wanted something known he sent a messenger, he appeared himself if he had to. to me, this was entertaining but the content is crap.
  • the family stone – i really felt for sarah jessica parker’s character. i felt crushed whenever something bad happened to her. everything that happened to her can really happen in one way or another in someone else’s life. embarrassing situations… been there. you have to watch this to understand J i’m glad the end was light though. i’m a sucker for good endings ^_^
  • nanny mcphee - like the line “when you need me but don’t want me, i will stay. when you want me but don’t need me, i have to go..” great movie! the children are devils in the beginning. i don’t care if they are sad or frustrated by the death of their mother or if their father ignores them, but they don’t have to be so evil. well, they got what they deserved. emma thompson was great here!little manhattan – a cutsey movie. i really liked it. the musings of young love set on manhattan island and central park. lovely. hehehe it reminded me of… those were the days my friend… la la la nyahahaha
  • bewitched – what can i say… i understood why this moviel... hmmm… how should i put it? …. flopped hahahaha! lucky will ferrel, got to kiss nicole kidman several times. i watched the trailer after the movie… and watching the minutes long trailer was better than watching the whole movie. the only redeeming factor was the great shirley mclaine ^_^
  • flightplan – jodie foster’s character was crazy! hahaha! i’d understand why the captain ignored her, she did not approach the situation eloquently if i may use the term. she just went crazy all over the place, i understood the situation, whoever lost their children are really bound to go crazy, but it didn’t help at all. overall it was… fine.
  • brokeback mountain – cinematography was great. actors were great. the sheep were great, even though most of them weren’t real. i understood the story as a whole, but i cannot understand heath ledger’s talking though. i’m not sure if he was mumbling or talking at any time, well except when he was shouting. jake gyllenhaal’s character was the one who needed more attention from men here, and as i understood it, he was killed by guys who maybe discovered he was gay. overall, it was a fine movie but i think ang lee extended it too much than it needed to be. it was just too damn long and it made it a drag to watch the last few scenes. now, i really want to see crash, a lot of people tell me , this is a really good movie. i have to see for myself so i can compare it to brokeback and assess whether the ranting of the author after they lost the oscar has basis.

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