Thursday, April 27, 2006

'twas a busy day

  • went to nbi to get my fbi fingerprint form accomplished so i can send it. i'll have to go back to claim my nbi clearance though.
  • i went to plm yesterday to get a transcript (again) and i was excited ma’am vitug gave me ma’am plaza’s email in the u.s. i was really happy to know she’s teaching again! highschool biology in fact in ca. i hope i can see her if my trip to san diego gets pushed through.
  • enrolled in level 3 spanish, lola's still our teacher for a week. there were a few newcomers, im glad most of our original group from levels 1 & 2 are still there. i feel a little uncomfortable meeting new people always.
  • then of course, i can't miss ai. i totally disagree with the judges comments last night for my kathy. my baby kathy sang whitney houston’s “i have nothing.” it wasn’t bad at all! maybe it sounded different in the studio but it certainly didn’t sound out of tune in tv. it wouldn’t help that she went first, but i think she won’t have to worry being in the bottom three. for me the bottom three this week: paris – they she sang the way we were, sorry, not just oversang it, i think it was awful; taylor – they were right, it was sooo karaoke, it was a bad song choice, a very common song like that; kellie – it is just simply… bye bye kellie. for me, it’s either kellie or paris who’s goin bye bye
  • elliot. my man! you go dawg! hahaha great great great performance, this might catch on as your signature idol song. congratulations. chris also did good, i just think by the age of 40+ he won’t have any voice left at all. better take care of your throat, chris.
  • i saw a movie about a teacher ron clark. matthew perry of friends played him and in the movie his teaching put his students to the top of the district. i only saw a little of the last few minutes of the movie. i want to see the entire movie. he wrote a book, “the essential 55.”
  • oh btw, i just want to share that i'm recently enjoying watching "the o.c." my only trouble is that two cable channels are showing it simultaneously with different seasons. and since i've only just begun to watch it, i'm frantically switching channels trying to get everything hahahaha! it's a very good mixture of comedy and dramatic moments for me.

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