Tuesday, April 18, 2006

spring break

it may be spring break for u.s. students but my classmates have just started the dreaded and tortuous clerkship. i'm waiting for their blog entries that will chronicle their suffering or (sige na nga) nice experiences ^_^ i've already read supersexy ivy's blog, and her assignment to the psychiatry ward became a mill for her famous quotable quotes hehehe. i recommend you go click on her blog and read a few.

this blogging thing's really great for these kind of things. now, more people get to vent their frustrations, share their experiences to people who value them and friends get updated of the latest tsismis on their friends or their crushes or whoever. hehehe

mmm, i think i haven't wrote about my latest thoughts on AI. well, i could've appreciated more if ace was removed instead of bucky, poor bucky, but it was not bound to last. elliot is strike two on the bottom three, i hope it does not continue this way. he is my favorite male contender and i hope he makes it into top three, or two. but of course i'm McPHEE all the way!!!

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