Saturday, September 09, 2006

a benign week it was

the happiest week of third year so far dare i may say. well it began with a frown-inducing two quiz monday but after that it was fun fun fun! tuesday we had fun in ophtha using the indirect ophthalmoscope and of course our own handy direct ophthalmoscopes.

here we are in ophtha

tessie reporting in the medicine big group discussion (monday)

me-an using the indirect ophthalmoscope on warren the batch's number one

tuesday had us going back to our pedia communities and we again saw MM and RR and aling baby (our family) had siomai after that and then planned how to celebrate kaye-ki's (hehehe) birthday on wednesday. (see previous post) kaye treated us in dampa macapagal boulevard (in the reclamation site) then we had coffee at starbucks SM mall of asia agcaoili (nyehehe). we were very brave going out on a wednesday night and why not!? we had no classes thursday morning! yeah... this is just too good to be true i was thinking. we had a recollection thursday morning at the auditorium and i accompanied the choir during the mass. well, this introduced my mistake-laden talent to my new batchmates hehehe. friday rj treated a1 to yellow cab for his triumph at the med-tech boards (congrats again rj!) then we went to mass after class for mama mary's birthday and convinced tessie to come home with us already because it was raining and i think we barely made it. flood came rushing through manila's street and even parts of quezon city were flooded. i think verle pittied our hungry faces so she treated us to oyster boy (marvin agustin's resto) in araneta center near where she lives. thank you berly! a very gluttonous week indeed nyehehehe.


cLaude said...

good to hear you're having loads of fun, buddy boy. see? med students STILL have a life. you just really hafta make time. :D

you just HAD TO do it again, dint you? GAH. hehehehe. :P

Lord Zagato said...

nyehehehe you enjoyin'?


cLaude said...

uhhhh. NOT REALLY. hehehe.

enjoying, i'd say no. if you mean "i-think-this-is-funny"... VERY MUCH.


Lord Zagato said...

hehehe well i did choose to post this pic on purpose (for you) nyehehehe

cLaude said...

awwwwww... shucks... you're such a SWEET friend.... NOT! :P

but do you really wanna be my "sweetest" friend ever? hook me up with one of your physician friends. and no, i don't like short guys. :P

i hope you're having the fun-EST day buddyboy. :D