Monday, September 18, 2006


One might observe that UST students, and medstudents in particular have a sixth sense when it’s time to leave the medbuilding hehehe. This afternoon, as I went out of plastic surgery, my last class, my head immediately looked up the box roof, smelled the air and looked at Verle, “you better go home right away, it’s going to rain.” She hurries down the stairs and we part ways without much talk. It is obvious there’s no more time for small talk. As for me, I have to brave the weather, my ‘auto’s color coding today. I picked up books to read and headed for the library.

As if by cue, when the first thunder roared, everyone in the library looked out the windows, some even went out the door of the reading area to have a look see of the type of rain we have for the day. Hehehe and as if we had a collective mind, everybody looked at each other, picked up their things and hurried out. I surmise that most of the people who spend up to closing time are “coding” for that day. Everyone agrees in their mind that the risk of getting caught is so insignificant as compared to having to go home past 12 because of the flood.

It’s just really sad. One, if not the most prestigious medical school in the country; a university where the pope himself chooses the next rector, becomes flooded with not even an hour of rain. And I’m not joking. I arrive in school early enough to see the janitors clearing water inside the medbuilding (yes!) when it happened to rain hard the night before. We already had the experience of getting a class of 100+ cramped in a room because the CME auditorium (in the first floor) can’t be use because it was flooded the night before. Sigh… almost funny but I’m really embarrassed.


sugarandsunshine said...

i would say that being caught within UST as it accumulates water is bad enough, but being outside, walking through the rain without an umbrella is worse!!!(based on personal experience). must be why my body aches everywhere... :(

Lord Zagato said...

i think it needs to be stated in the admission requirement: have amphibious lineage ^_^ -lz