Saturday, September 23, 2006


i recall the week that's just passed. it's totally a mix up of good and annoying experiences.


of course we had our med quiz (disaster) and our repeat-bgd (disaster in epic proportions hehehe). the rest of the day was uneventful.


the most happy memory was our ophtha quiz with dr. j. lopez HAHAHAHA and even though i still didn't get 10 with his medweek "promo." im greatful to have a teacher such as him, you just don't learn, you also have fun.

we also had our "mother's class" in community pediatrics and swam in our sweats as we went back and entertained our community with presentations about diseases to increase awareness

more pictures from community pediatrics >>


i had to totally cram for my journal report in the afternoon for surgery. fortunately dr. erasmo didn't arrive. i have to really prepare for this becuase he really liked the journal we chose. sigh... both fortunate and unfortunate


our subsec presented a case in gynecology, congratulations to sab and rj, you did really well. after classes, we watched MSE's theatrical play, it was really entertaining!

watching the MSE Play
(ganda na ng seats sa audi parang gateway hehehe)


no classes! pfft but we had to do pool and compile our data in community pediatrics (with a lot of mishaps). but after that we enjoyed watching freshmen night and all the freshies' antics hehehe and enjoyed each other's company later at the afterparty in katips bar in thomas mow-rae-toe nyahahaha.

steff + verle + nina + kim + martin,
sa'n na ko?? katips bar, tomas morato


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