Saturday, September 30, 2006

Milenyo & The La Naval Enthronement

wow! what a storm! i don't recall one storm hitting this strong since i was a kid i can tell you. and i must say, whoever announced the cancellation of classes a day before did a GREAT job! i can't imagine sending the kids (as well as me) home when everything's already flying off the roofs, big billboards already smashing cars, trees already being uprooted... just imagine.

but of course nothing can deter me from seeing through the enthronement of the La Naval. it was very emotional, there was no electricity and yet the church was almost filled to capacity. we were praying the rosary in the dark because the church's generator can only illuminate the altar (this is one big church). the image of the virgin was rolled down the isle in candlelight and we all heard the tiples heavenly voices amdist the silence and darkness. you'd be really moved to tears.

more la naval 2006 pictures >>

a lot of trees in the sto. domingo compound were brought down by the wind but people braved to see the start of the yearly festivities. it's the second day of novena today and there's still no electricity in that area of quezon city. i'm sure Mama Mary really appreciates the faith and she'll totally pray for us ^_^

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