Sunday, October 01, 2006

before i sleep

This is by far, the BEST birthday I’ve had… literally. For one, I’m not sick! What a feat, and I almost didn’t make it hahaha. Wow really can’t believe it… tsk… tsk… tsk…

The whole two weeks before my birthday is one BIG VACATION for ust-fms medstudents, no one’s grumpy!!! to the point that were already not happy this is happening hahaha, but alas of course I really feel for those affected by milenyo (my big rest at their expense, sigh…)

marge & tina - my heart's to you both. you know how i'll do anything for you!!! be safe, and think about how i'll frown if you do *wink *wink stuff hehehe.

robert - thank you for the greeting, we haven't talked again yet, but i'll greet you happy birthday in advance already!

architect raison! - thanks, you remembered, i'll never forget yours hahaha! and you know why too ^_^

claude - thanks for remembering! don't worry i'll keep my steady supply of pictures for you hahaha!

a12008 - thank you thank you thank you for the greetings! you just don't know how verle, miong, and i appreciate being in your subsection, ingit sa min si steff kasubsec namin kayo hahaha

miong, sandy, nia, kim, ron, doodz, and kayester!!!!! - salamat ng sobra you made my day today

steff & verle - wow OMG can't wait to sleep whaaaaa sobrang thank you!!!!!!!! everyday, everyday you two make me smile

tito roman & tita pat - thanks, thanks, thanks, for putting up with my demands hahaha!

tita lites! - thank you for the cake, and thanks kayo praktisan kong mag-bp hehehe

kuya anthony! - wow thanks for the barbra+tony duet, wonderful!

to my lolo (in heaven) & to tin - guys i share this birthday with, we're great people! ha!

to my lola ning, tia pol & lola gunding(+) - thank you for taking care of me

to my mommy, daddy and potsy - i'm a big pain in the ass i know, hehehe pagpasensyahan niyo na lang ako ^_^

mama mary - thank you for praying for me

to God - thank you im still alive and thank you for everything

p.s. i know i might have missed a lot of people, hehehe bad memory, just quack ^_^ to everyone who greeted me thank you so very much! this is the last year im going to age hahaha!

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