Monday, October 16, 2006

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october 12, 2006

Is it right that the worse exhibition of rudeness must happen in your own house? From you own family even? Why are kids nowadays up to the neck in their bad attitude?

I grew up in a time when you couldn’t even look up when not being told to, when you can’t answer back except when you’re being asked questions. I think these times, 2000… 2006… has been way too long since the RIGHT way of bringing up children has gone. My friend agrees with me, we do what we are told, no questions, no discussions, while these kids, YOU need to understand them!? WTF!?

I don’t know why we tolerate this, I certainly do and will NOT! I will not tolerate my own brother disrespecting me not even three minutes into his arrival, especially when the reason is totally absurd!

I am writing this so I won’t forget. Practice tolerance, yes, but everyone and everything to his/its own place and time. I think about all the people, young people who I happen to observe are waaaaay too bad-mannered for my generation. Good luck and goodnight!!! And yes I mean that in the most sarcastic way I can.

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