Saturday, October 28, 2006

calle calachuchi

just woke up from 12 hours of sleep after getting back from sandy's pansol house ^_^ super thank you to sandy and her mom, we enjoyed our "vacation." we went there wednesday lunchtime then settled in and i prepared roast chicken for dinner that night with verle's veggies. kimby's bf martin arrived in time for dinner but jc arrived around midnight. i didn't know it was going to be a "pamorningan," jc indulged us with his sprite/redbull/jagermeister bomb nyehehe which was surprisingly... good! but two shots for me was already the bomb! i was able to get through the pamorningan kwentuhan shouting away in the magic sing nyahahaha. we cooked and ate breakfast so our martin can go to work and we can "sleep" hehehe

come waking up time we had our lunch at about 4 pm and then we walked around sandy's borough and had our picture taking session. we swam and then prepared our grilled goodies with steff/verle/jc/me preparing kebab and bbqued liempo. we didn't even get to eat half of it on our midnight dinner! we retired at around 3 and i didn't know jc and verle hacked at chismis until the morning hehehe. i really enjoyed their company and i hope we get to do this again... soon!!!


more pictures from laguna >>

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