Tuesday, April 26, 2005

billy's new album

i listened to a preview of one of my favorite singer's yet to be released album 'everything and more' and it is really a surprise to hear a VERY different billy gilman + his voice 2 years ago was angelic + he took a 2 1/2 years rest to accomodate the changes happening during puberty + he's back... with a deep voice but otherwise still a very good singer + i can't wait for the upcoming album + critics are not in total agreement with the choice of songs + i have yet to listen to them + the title song was alright and he is still a great performer +



cLaude said...

billy gilman? is he that kid who had a duet with charlotte church? i dint know you were into theatre-ish/opera-ish music.

saw violey with her bf. funny. we should get together some time.

say... coffee? ^_^

>>> i linked your site to mine. that ok?

Lord Zagato said...

yeah no prob (linking). kid's good, he's a country singer not classical but he's the only one who could level up with church so they dueted.


cLaude said...

haven't heard any of his work other than the one with charlotte. then again, i never liked country music.hehehe.

waddaya say about the coffee date with violey. u up for that? send me a line/sms.

Lord Zagato said...

sana, i rarely go out because of the heat (can't stand it) and the smells (REALLY can't stand it) siguro let's go out towards the start of classes... when my money sack's full again and the weather's more forgiving :-)

cLaude said...

whokey then. YOUR treat? hehehe. basta send me a line if ok na.im up for anything. tska it's about time na "we" bond together ulit. (kung kelan tumanda eh! hehehe)