Tuesday, April 19, 2005

days in daze

i borrowed the title from 'wedding daze' kind'a like it (i mean the title) + all i do these days is be online and what!? (no dirty thinking allright!) read trivia stuff + sigh... + i mean from the turmoils of last school year + this is like + BORING + not that i crave for the torment + i wish i had something meaningful to do + maybe i'll go to the seminar in medical city + learn a stuff or two +

yesterday though was a good one + compared to others + i got to talk (to chat i mean) to two friends + former high school classmates + one already residing in the city of angels + the other just around the corner + 'twas really nice conversing with the two +

i was reading through the prophecies of saint malachy + maybe you've read it in the sunday inquirer + about how he predicts there are two remaining popes + i researched about it + and playing with words, saint malachy predicted that the next guy after pope joannes paulus pp ii will be a guy who would be Gloria Olivae "Glory of the Olives" + BUT + he did not say that he will be second to the last + he did say though that the last pope will be Petrus Romanus "Peter of Rome" + so it is just fitting to think that between our next pope and the last pope + there are still intervening ones +

this is just how i agree of how some interpret the very "SENSATIONALIZED" prophecies of saint malachy + because it is thought that the prophecies have already been forgerized and are in fact a fraud because they were said to be "lost" in the roman archives for 400 years and just reappeared suddenly claiming it has given accurate prediction for the last centuries + absurd right!? + if there were in fact prophecies + they are really subject to scrutiny + what we must believe in is our FAITH + in Him + and pray for our next pope + and try to live life in a way as good as we can be +


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