Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ectopic top five

here's an out of the blue top five, just felt like it hehehe
  1. fita crackers - steff is a bad bad influence hahahaha, i bought two big wraps and i've been munching three days in a row now
  2. pgma - i admire her simply for her staying power hehehehe, i don't know who the hell she's friends with [wink, wink]
  3. i'm in the mood for love - (from the movie album) so lush, and yes... i've been dreaming of someone... (literally) hay... hehehe
  4. internet explorer 7 - yeah i always loved it, even though they copied tabs from another browser, i welcome it hehehe i deleted my firefox and am now using the explorer 7, nothing is better than this
  5. chuckie &/or hershey's - mmm mmm mmm love chocolate drinks ^_^ especially with my fita crackers

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