Sunday, July 09, 2006

during ophtha


cLaude said...


i was just browsing and i saw THIS! what the?!


nice going, chris. you knew id be checking. GAH.

Lord Zagato said...

hehehe naku halatang halata kang affected hahahaha joke ^_^

cLaude said...

affected? in a way, i guess, yeah. but NOT because you know..

that thing was soooo eons ago! (yes. THIS IS A BLONDE MOMENT.) hahaha.

you know what? honestly... i thank God for doing what HE did with "us"... i wouldnt wna wake up every freakin' day next to that face. the sweetness, the romance...sure. gimme george eads' face, gary dourdan's body and that csi lab guy's (csi vegas) charisma..i'm up for it. ANYTIME. hahaha.

i hope you're doing good. :D

Lord Zagato said...

im killing myself. 3 hours of sleep... neurons dying... fat deposits in arteries accumulating... well, fat EVERYWHERE accumulating hehehe

better save up for my funeral... give your donations to the chris alipio sanity for medical students foundation...

cLaude said...

you've surpassed worse. come on!

how about this for inspiration...who topped the recent Medical Licensure Exams?

UST, who else?!

who knows, you might be the next Batch Matibay topnotcher. :D

and speaking of apartments, ever thought of renting a space at the acostas'? how much is your budget? i think bedspace goes for around 3K 0r 4K. if u need a room of your own, that's gonna cost you a lil more moolah. im not sure though, go ask. you're friends. hahaha.

that place is definitely better than any other mousehole around the ust area... although, i hafta have to get used to... hahaha. mmkay. im shutting up now. :X

Lord Zagato said...

hay imagine all i've been tackling since yesterday si quizzes, one after another, no breaks! well ngayon tapos na bukas na ulit sigh....

i don't wanna share with anybody di ako makakaaral.