Tuesday, July 25, 2006

three days post

(started july 23) it’s raining wildly again, and of course secretly i’m wishing classes will be suspended again tomorrow. one more day of 7 hours sleep is a very welcome gift for any med student. well of course there’ll be repercussions, piled up work, piled up quizzes, but the sleep… yeah… just like drugs ^_^

i’m having terrible headaches, they come most days of the weeks more often on the right occipital side, but sometimes bilateral. today i endured what i think is the worst episode, around 7/10 if i grade it, and yes remember that i have great pain tolerance so this is just one titanic sized headache for a normal person.

i’ll let you on another secret… hehehe… i’m enjoying medschool hahahaha i must be mad right? i was cursing myself for enduring this torment, but hey, what do you know? now im enjoying it. i enjoy the company of my girls hahaha ^_^ and im looking forward to clerkship to show off those clinical skills (yaiks! poor poor patients nyehehehe)

i continue writing this today… (july 24). i watched pgma’s sona and i mostly laughed. i laughed my annoyance to the people who kept on clapping (well yeah thanks for clapping) but i was always hanging on what she going to say next. i love infrastructures and hearing projects such as new airports and new superhighways going to be built gets me all excited, and these people just keep on interrupting. as far as i’ve heard she got 127 interruptions hehehe good job. and i always think she’s got great ties to whomever ‘cause she’s always saved, now by the strong rain hehehe

continued again (july 25) wow! classes suspended… again!!! lakas talaga ng powers mo pgma hehehe. the sky is still so dark i sincerely hope this doesn’t go on the whole week, my exams are piling up!

to marge and tina - hope you to are alright, i’ll see you guys soon.


Tina said...

hi paps... hehehe... naayos na din ang pc naminaafter a hundred years...
wala kac kaming ibang makitang pwedeng gumawa kaya... eto nagtyaga at naghintay sa himala...
Sobrang dami ng mangyai... and sa lahat ng yun.. lagi kong naiisip na magpursige kasi kapag wala ka... bahala ka.... hindi ka iintindihn bakit... sino ka ba!!!
Anyway, ingat po lagi... Godbless u!!!

Lord Zagato said...

nice of you to drop bye. ^_^ God will bless all your works ^_^

love 'ya!