Thursday, July 16, 2009

Posting on YouTube

I just uploaded few more liturgical music to my youtube channel. I've already convinced myself not to upload anymore since last time but it's always nagging me that this is the only tribute I can give to God.

Whenever I put a comment on another channel praising other people's talent and telling them "May God continue to bless you...," or "God has given you such a wonderful gift..." there are always people (I presume mostly young people) that can't help but poop on you ... "God has nothing to do with why he's/she's great... tons of practice dude..." blah blah blah.... It really gets to me... these people... blind... and deaf... sigh... no faith at all... I pity them...

I know I'm not at all at league with the youtube legends (hahaha dream on LZ...) but the videos are my contribution. I hope people see the wonder of God in their talents. I won't be discouraged commenting how the Holy Spirit lives on these wonderful talented people by a few devils... bite me.

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