Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Version of Chicken Curry

Today, I cooked again after a loooong time...Ingredients for the my version of chicken curry: Potatoes, Tomatoes, Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Coconut Milk, Tomato Sauce, Oil, Salt, and Pepper...
Of course... the most important ingredient, the CURRY powder!
Chicken. I prefer meaty parts. I don't like to wrestle with my food. I just want to taste it mmm mmm...
Wash the things that needs washing. Peel everything that needs to be peeled. Crush and chop the garlic. Chop the onion and tomatoes. Slice the ginger into thin pieces. I put a lot of tomatoes because I love 'em. I don't saute without tomatoes and anyway it adds to the flavor in this particular recipe. Don't throw away the tomato extract "katas."
Wash, peel, eye and chop the potatoes. Submerge them in water while you are doing other stuff so they won't blacken. I prefer to chop them into around an inch X half-an-inch big so that they'll cook faster.
Ok. Get a Kawali (Skillet). Canola oil (or whatever you want).
Saute the garlic and onions. What goes in first? Really doesn't matter. Skill dependent. You might burn the onions if you wait too long before putting in the onions. Know thyself. The size of garlic and onions? Depends on you too. If you don't want to accidentally bite garlic or onion pieces, chop(mince) them into microscopic pieces. Again, cooking is an art. Recipes are guides.

Free tip
: How do you remove garlic smell from your fingers?? rub your fingers and nails into a stainless steel smooth surface under the faucet (not the sharp edge LOL). It will magically remove the smell. Trust me.
Put in the ginger.
Then tomatoes. Don't overcook them...
I prefer to put in the potatoes first. Why? The chicken cooks faster compared to them so toss them around a bit before...
putting in the chicken. Mix a little until the chicken whitens a little.
Turn down the stove. Slow medium to low heat. Cover it. You may put a little little amount of water but you don't need to actually. The water in the chicken and potatoes will come out and that'll cook them both. Thus, the need for the cover, so the moisture won't evaporate. To contain the heat inside.

Check from time to time if they are soft. Check the potatoes. If the potatoes are cooked, the chicken is cooked too. Unless you have very big pieces of chicken in which case you MUST check the chicken too.
If you feel they are almost almost cooked. Remove the cover and LET the water evaporate but don't let it dry, leave a little amount of water. If too much water came out you may increase the heat temporarily to hasten evaporation but don't forget to mix, the chicken might get burned.
Now put in the coconut milk.

Free Tip:
You can now buy pressed coconut milk from the wet market, just ask. You don't have to squeeze it yourself anymore, it is a little more expensive but is worth it, and it is PURE coconut milk, they don't add water. A machine squeezes the juice out of the coconut meat. You can also buy packed coconut milk (with a little preservative) in the groceries. This is what I used today. I didn't want to go to the market.
Let it boil then put in the tomato sauce. Amount? I don't measure sorry... This will make the recipe your own LOL.
Right after putting the tomato sauce, put in curry powder. Again, I can't say how much curry powder you should put. It will depend on how you want your curry to taste. Really spicy. Little kick. Horse kick. Ticklish? I think this time I used a tablespoonful of curry and little more for luck.

Salt and pepper to your liking. I like a LOT of pepper. I use freshly crushed peppercorn. Always gives more flavor. Mix. Let boil. Taste. Serve.

Keeping Tips: Don't leave out when it's hot. If it has coconut milk it will spoil easily. I used to cook a lot of this and then divide it before freezing so I can have it whenever I want. You can keep it frozen until a month or so (not sure here).

Do you want me to teach you to cook anything? I hope I know how to though HAHAHA. Carienderia food is my specialty LOL...


Rob said...

Excellent post. I must try this. More posts like these in the future, please. :-)

Lord Zagato said...

any requests? do you eat fish?

i love carienderia food!

Rob said...

Yeah fish would be a great idea. I only bake and fry fish so if you have some great fish dishes that would be great. :-D

Lord Zagato said...

I'll keep that in mind ^_^ and also the scarcity of some kinds of ingredients to you. Hahaha, had difficulty getting "Kalamansi" when I was there once.