Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Morning of Epiphany

God just threw them all over me... I guess these things were milling in my mind lately that I was just like slapped by His messages for me. I smiled and looked at the amazing Graciano Nepumuceno crucifix and silently gave thanks for the gift of faith.

Faith makes our lives simple. It makes us understand the mysteries of the universe. Those who chose not to accept this gift think of it as foolishness, a lack of common sense and logic. But nothing makes anything more clearer. Nothing makes the complex so simple. Everything is possible.

The bishop of Tuguegarao in his homily said that one of the problems of youth today is lack of commitment. I thought he was going to blabber about marriage and prepared myself to ignore him. He did not realize as simple as he spoke that he had just converted one of the most determined enemies of that institution. It's not that I'm revolted of the fact, but just that I don't see its purpose. He did not speak of marriage specifically though. People saying 'yes' and then going back on their word. People saying 'yes' just to get things over with, gain advantage and favors, and to hear what they want to and not make it hurt that much. It used to be that the world had so much commitment and honor that mere words were as good as chisel to stone.

Commitment in way you choose to live your life. I realized after which that I can't complain how life was so complicated when I made it so. How many social network size does each of us maintain? I have my flickr page, multiply, Facebook, Blogger, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube... this list goes on and on for other people. I complain I had no time when I created the mess myself. It was a simple message to me from a smiling God, "See, you knew the answers... you just needed Me to remind you what it was." What are these things for anyway? Do they substitute for actual interaction?

It was one more thing I was revolted too. Social interaction. I get weary of facing people. I'm too weird for most people. I know that. Others read me as snobbish and focus only on a few people but I really can't handle parties, mingling and such. It's a good thing though I can act when needed. Not at the Marlon Brando level but a put on a mask is relatively a regular routine. Sigh... a way to defend the me that no one but a few people have seen.

A commitment to myself and the people I love. Can someone be a recluse in this time of history? Again, the choice is ours and it goes back to commitment as I see it. :-) I guess it's called a lot of words but I'll call it 'Absolute Commitment.' It involves no one else but you and the one you choose. I mocked books and movies that tell of people who can just be with each other forever oblivious to everything else. They need not do anything, just be. Existing for each other brings simple happiness.

Let it all hang out now... a time for change has come. The gift of faith gives us the answers. I choose to go about life in a more simple manner. I choose not to keep relationships for a matter of social convinience. I choose to accept that someone out there exists for me and will love me and we will have absolute commitment. I just have to wait forever for that... hahaha!


the high priestess said...

yeah, i agree. the one thing that will never part from me is my faith that one day i will be found. it's maybe taking a while for it to happen but i have that absolute faith that one day it will. one day someone out there will find his way to my heart and it will be the start of a beautiful love story. someday... one day...
in the meantime i will spend the remaining time of my single blessedness with myself, my family and friends and the things that i want to do on my own. coz i know when that time comes i may not be able to do them or spend much time for them like now.
its amazing what faith does. :)

Lord Zagato said...