Tuesday, December 25, 2007

my week's top five XX

once again revived. now 20th one including my lamitan top five. i hope this tradition carries on.
  1. sab - you'd have to be very patient with me hehehe, you'll probably be the only one not a food here as i'm writing from memory... but good enough to eat bwehehehe
  2. sinigang na baboy sa sampaloc- sab renewed my love affair with this dish
  3. white thumb's egg pie - favorite clerkship merienda (this helped with sab too hahaha)
  4. ate eva's sotanghon - my favorite sotanghot, moist, fat, not that many "sahog," don't like sahog ^_^
  5. sr. pedro's lechon manok - wow, ma'am korina was right, this is the best commercial lechon manok

as i've predicted... the top five mostly came out as food hahaha. i have to try hard to control my eating, i'm slowly gaining weight again! happy christmas again everyone!

lz, w.o.e.

p.s. i'll have to sign in my suffix... figure it out hahaha, personally i'm not affected by this at all, but i'm having fun using it, no offense to the one who invented it, i'm not taking it seriously, i love having a title, so like "megastar" BWAHAHAHAHAHA, i hope this really sticks

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