Wednesday, December 12, 2007

in fabella

there are a lot of life lessons that i've learned during my stay in fabella. there's also the priceless gift of the lady in my life that occurred during my stay in fabella. it's perhaps the one of the redeeming factor why i'd consider reliving that part of my life (the other being able to work with great friends who i guess i've worked for the last time, i'm sad about that of course).

i was nervous the moment we entered the premises of fabella came day one. the place was familiar. we rotated there during pediatrics. but this time will be different. we were told we will be left alone to tend to patients most of the time. during orientation, we were assigned to different teams. it was endorsed that we had nice residents. good, i thought... that'll make life bearable.

we were lucky. we only had to work half-a-day during our first day. fabella has five posts. duty, from-duty, ward, opd, pre-duty. we were on ward post during our first day which fell on a weekend which meant we can go home lunch time. what we had to do was find our assigned resident's (we were like personal assistants to them, we do whatever they asked us to do which relates to patient-care) patients. do progress notes on them, and then perhaps endorse anything which our resident may want to know. after progress notes for one hour. we go and tend to ward work which means do blood extractions, and send them to the lab and attend to any problematic patients.

we did not have to do opd (out-patient clinic) the next day because it was a sunday. we learned we had other team-mates from 'another' school. we didn't find them that day.

pre-duty day, we encountered our team-mates during progress notes early in the morning. i thought they were nice. hehehe little did i know we'd have something to laugh about all our lives ^_^

duty is TIRING. being a runner will mean... you RUN. i think i toned my calf muscles a lot during 12 hours of going up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs of fabella. i even did things i discovered later was the job of other clerks! but anyway, i learned a lot. the most important thing i think i learned is that i feel confident that i chose the right school to study medicine. verle, kaye and i were the most proud medical students especially when it was endorsement time. i feel confident to attend to three patients giving birth almost at the same time (i had to wear gloves one on top of the other so that after one i'll immediately remove the topmost glove and be ready to catch another baby ^_^). i feel confident to give birth to five multigravid mothers in quick succession. and i feel confident i chose the right path.


i'll post more detailed stories after our written revalida. hehehe
(on a from-duty morning)... "kailangan pa ba nating mag-log-in ulit??"

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