Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Favorite TV Shows Nowadays

with a lot more time for R&R, i've caught on watching a lot of tv again. here are some of my favorite shows (in no particular order of importance) :

the nanny : (hallmark) i forgot how funny this show was, and with the numerous mentions of barbra, this is part of my everyday ritual

who's the boss (hallmark) : though i think this is already gone, i enjoy looking at their funny wardrobe and just love the character of mona, the sarcastic mother hehehe

american chopper (discovery) : love, just love this show, especially when paul sr and his brood are having arguments, love the motorcycles and the process of making them, this is just great

we built this city (discovery) : this is G.R.E.A.T great! i am in awe of how these great people transformed scrubland, marshes and/or whatever to the greatest cities in the world, and how they use technology to protect their city nowadays against the wrath of nature. london, paris, beautiful just beautiful and you'd be amazed at how they became the cities we know of

megastructures and frontlines of construction (nat-geo) : ain't i a frustrated builder!? hehehehe i really am, frustrated, city planner, architect, engineer. i hope i lived in the past so that i wouldn't have take a college course to build. well, i fulfill my dream by playing simcity4 rush hour, ceasar III, and other city building games ^_^

i watched this special yesterday in discovery which reminded me to make this list. it's about how the city of venice is trying to save the city from being buried in the sea. amazing... how they plan to do this, venice is just too beautiful to let the sea eat it

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (etc.) : carson's fashion tips are a blessing to any straight, gay or metrosexual's life, and it's always a treat to see them jumping like they're in tutus HAHAHAHAHA

friends : very funny... the cast is just great :) make's me miss my friends and wish we lived in a building just like monica, chandler, joey and rachel ^_^

well... let's see i can't think of anything more today so i think i'd continue to bore you sometime soon

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