Saturday, July 02, 2005

jackfruits and mangoes

today, we went to my mom's friend's farm in rizal, even though the day did not start that well (the jeepney they rented got stuck in the mud because we went through a dirt road), everything worked out though. i was surprised how many produce we harvested, almost a dozen jackfruits, a lot of caimitos, santols, piƱas and bannanas. i must say i enjoyed the experience and thought that i would want to retire doing something like that... eating what i plant and perhaps from time to time kill my cow to have some meat hehehe :-) tita caring, mom and i are thinking of putting up an orchid farm there... we will see...

i was surprised last night to see my left palatine tonsil to have a purulent material looking like tofu on it. i was first worried because in my experiences with tonsillitis before, none were like this: nonpainful and unilateral, so i thought they were polyps but looked at, of course, the blessing that is the internet, i saw that it was a bad case of strep tonsillitis, thank God.

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