Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thinking Too Much is a Pain in the Ass

Yeah... right? Sigh... that's why I love my stupid facebook games... takes my mind off things... but then I can't study right... and when I stop playing so I can study... here it goes again my mind churning and torturing me... I know. I know. Things are really actually simple and easy to solve. Overthinking and not doing anything ruins everything. And yet, that's how I work? I just cannot move without thinking all possible outcomes. Where the hell is my factory manual?! I demand a refund. Or maybe I just love torturing myself? What is a word? Is my word too important to me? That I see it through? What about speaking vaguely? Who the hell will understand this? And yet, the fruits and bliss are to those who get it hahahaha... I would love to have a detachment personality disorder right now LOL... but anyway again...

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