Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections on a Year Past

One thing someone has to start practicing is reflecting more often. At the end of each day looking back on how your day has gone, rethinking what things one could have done better, reflecting on words we've said, how we have shown our appreciation of our brothers and sisters. I admit, I have yet to learn to do this more often. For me, it comes and go depending on my mood. What makes me happy is that I realize that I reflect more if I had a great day rather than when I had a sullen one. I think it has helped me cope with frustrations better. It's easy for me to forget and let go of bad experiences simply because of, that. I forget about them. They only become a scar in your psyche if you acknowledge them. Don't get me wrong. We MUST learn the lesson taught but we mustn't wallow in the experience.

At the end of the day, remember how we opened our eyes into new opportunities, given to us by God. A new day to live, to love. A new day to be a servant to our neighbor. A new day for humility.

I read back to the year's start to see what my thoughts were this time last year. I found nothing. Hahaha I'm not surprised. This blog is more of reporting what I've been doing socially but is scarce with what I really think and more often (I admit) it's in the most edited version. This year, I commit to share my thoughts more openly. Acknowledging that I may be able to help others by letting them see how I live my life in happiness. This time last year, I was still an intern. Now, I still am one, waiting to take the licensure exam that will give me the right to treat. I pray God gives me His Holy Spirit to guide me in the exam and as I treat others. May He fill me with the compassion that my teachers has so tried to embed in me. And more importantly may He let me be an example and witness to His goodness and influence other doctors.

I should've. I should've not. The question is moot on my taking the exam last August. I've reflected on this already. Had I passed and was in residency during Ondoy, our house would've burned down. I feel blessed God decided I be home during that time. And I can't exchange the love I've found in all the mess ^_^ This was God's plan for me.

For next year. What do I want? I want this country to work. For the people to get up and start working and not just criticize. Criticism is important but criticism must come from people who are involved. I love something I read in the newspaper: "if you can't lead a thousand, lead one." We don't need to be elected to help building our nation. I keep thinking that maybe Japan did good by closing their country for a hundred years, maybe we should do that. Learn to live with what we have and reexamine ourselves, who we really are.

This early on, I'm going to say. I will vote for Mr. Richard Gordon for president and Mr. Jejomar Binay for VP. Both are successful local executives in the past. I pray they will win and can do for the country what they have done in smaller scale for their communities.

A toast to all for more happiness, love, and freedom from all worries in the new year and the years to come! Happy New Year everybody!

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