Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We spent 2 days at Kim's hometown of Amadeo, Cavite -- coffee capital of the Philippines. It was right beside Tagaytay City. Tagaytay Ridge was a mere 7 minute drive from their house, depending whether it was Kim or me driving though. ^_^

It was east coast spring time temperature when we were there and I enjoyed it thoroughly! It was the perfect weather for studying... or sleeping. ^_^ We hanged out on the newer Starbucks beside Summit Ridge hotel which had fewer people and lesser noise. I was convinced. I have to have a property in that place!
The three of us during a study-break in Starbucks Summit Ridge

Evergreens in the Pink Sisters' Chapel

Alex and Kim - Pink Sisters

Me and Kim - Pink Sisters
Didn't have the energy to train Alex in Framing -- hahaha ^_^
peace Alex!

Kim has a nice and very accommodating family ^_^ ... and a really nice house to boot hahaha. And I loved her niece Lila Stephanie. She's so cute! I could only wish to have a daughter as sweet, behaved and beautiful as her. Or have a daughter-in-law like her LOL... hahaha! I repeatedly told her... You'll be my son's girlfriend Lila hahaha. She was shy at first but has apparently inherited her Tita Kim's love for the camera. When she saw I was going to take pictures of her she sat on my lap and we took A LOT of pictures. ^_^ The entire time we were there, I didn't hear her cry, complain, nor throw a tantrum. A smile that can erase your worries, doubts and make you forget about anything else. I perfectly believe now how one can just spend an entire day watching their kid... just that, watching them...

I want me my own Lila!
Lila and Me

Lila and Tita Kim

Happy Lila

Chris and Kim at Starbucks

I vote this as one of the best Starbucks in the Philippines

Our hostess Kim during our Leslie's dinner.

Of course mushroom burger was on our itinerary and I can't go to Tagaytay without passing through Leslie's.

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