Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Retreat in Caleruega

I finally had the opportunity to see the Caleruega Dominican Retreat House. The batch before us was banned when I was in highschool so our retreat didn't push through (that was the story I heard anyway). The place is fantastic.

Our retreat master was Dr. Oscar Tagulinao, our professor back in UST Medschool. He is a plastic surgeon by profession but is involved with Couples and Singles for Christ as his ministry. He is an entertaining speaker. You'll never feel threatened he'll call you. You almost feel like you want to be called and enter into a conversation with him.

Food there was ok. I enjoyed catching up on rest and sleep. Yes. I was a fugitive again and did not attend a lot of session. I could've won the fugitive award if it was up for grabs but I thought I should recuperate from the OB onslaught while I had time because we're about to go back to that again tomorrow.

I did enjoy taking lots of pictures though. It's fortunate Marga brought her tripod so I was to able to take a lot of HDR photos (some are here, more in my multiply and flickr site).

I really really had a great time, I hope I can get back there and just... retreat from the city.

more pictures here and here >>

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Rob said...

Don't forget you actually had a chance before to visit that place when you were invited by a grand old lady (with a free T-shirt included!). lol