Monday, August 25, 2008

Pillars of the Earth

It's an old book rediscovered in the Oprah book club. I was channel browsing when I came upon the Oprah episode. Everybody who knows me knows my interest in architecture and the book's plot on a simple priest wanting to build a great gothic cathedral (the first of it's kind in England at that) really caught my interest. It did more than interest me. A lot of interwoven stories of people. I admit, it dragged on a little but I couldn't put it down. And what really amuses me is that I can imagine that the story of the people here is very VERY realistic. Their everyday worries of someone sacking their town, the greedy landowners, the ficklemindedness of monarchs. All in all, this book goes into my favorites list!


Rob said...

It's truly a masterpiece, isn't it. Quite different from the usual genre he writes about. One of my favorites too.

Lord Zagato said...

yes. i re-read my comment. lo siento i made some mistakes and corrected them. hehehe. i wish i could get a hardbound copy though. there seems to be none available in this wretched third world country. nothing for people who want to be cultured. anyway, i have one exactly like the one pictured above... a big paperback.