Friday, August 22, 2008


During my community medicine rotation, I was assigned to the most far flung barangay of Marikina, Pugad Lawin Health Center at Barangay Fortune. Endorsement for this barangay was dismal. It was toxic. And it was far but my experience totally negates this bad publicity.

I totally enjoyed serving at this barangay! The people are great! Not one bad apple. All are kind and understands the help we are extending to them. They appreciate the interns' presence. It's even amusing... they respect us. Not many in the hospital setting respect interns. I dare say in hospitals with no clerks... we ARE still considered the unluckiest lowliest beings.

Best even is that I've probably got the coolest consultant as my boss. Doc Ike. I won't blurt out why he's cool (just ask me in private *wink it's off the record haha).

I'll never forget the great food they feed me EVERYDAY (FREE FOOD). I'll never forget all of them and I hope I'll later have a chance to visit them and hug them. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for a great two months vacation. God bless you all!

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