Wednesday, April 30, 2008


two movies i have recently watched in the theatres.
iron man starring robert downey, jr., gwyneth paltrow, terrence howard, and jeff bridges. WOW. WOW. WOW. it's five chigi stars for this. spectacular special effects. just the right amount of comedy. A LOT of action. just the right amount of drama. i think casting mr. robert downey, jr. was a right decision, he channeled iron man delightfully. he was arrogant but not to the point of annoying and his bad boy background made the character more believable. i didn't recognize jeff bridges, boy, he was a good villain! i hope they make a follow-up.i can't wait for the next marvel productions movie since they've gone independent, the remake of the incredible hulk written by and starring my favorite mr. edward norton!
another great movie. the forbidden kingdom features the legendary pairing of jackie chan and jet li. wow! they were of course funny! although i think the story line was a little weak. but anyway, wonderful special effects and great fight scenes.

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