Wednesday, April 16, 2008

last day of clerkship

...and so the last of our days in clerkship started. i rode my fx to manila and found myself excited and sombered by the thought of leaving a life i have gotten accustomed to. as i crossed forbes and entered the clinical division lobby, i wondered how the incoming clerks were feeling. i remember i didn't have any idea what we were going to do during the start of clerkship and considering they were getting it technically more complicated than we did because all our clerkship responsibilities end tonight instead of tomorrow morning, i felt sorry for them. ha! i guess they deserve it! hehehe.

i had a long look at the second floor when i reached the top of the stairs (it was feigning nostalgia i was actually out of breath hahaha). i thought of the times i was in the micu battling with joe black, the times when i had to get up even if my body said no to monitor the patients. i thought these new clerks are lucky the kind dean is also now "acting" chairperson of the department of medicine. she said to them that it's up to them whether to do the monitoring or not. lucky bastards.

i spent the day looking for residents. verle's and my final task was to have our medico-legal papers signed and we're off! i still had to finish the section video to be shown during the clerk's night. i cannot believe i'm spending the last day of a tortured year.

looking back i can say that i've learned more in my one year of clerkship than in the three years i was inside the medicine / st. martin de porres building. the revalida, an essential part of the ust - medicine experience. fabella, totally hell. san lazaro - not very helpful in learning but good exposure... to pathogens. i enjoyed my year, found and lost love, understood a lot about human nature, life and death, the importance of communication, loyalty, murphy's law, "brotherhood," gained a title, became an expert in sleeping like a bum, and strengthen my resolve to succeed. in a few weeks time, i will officially have a suffix to my name (except for my "windows only expert" suffix). i give it to my parents who put me through medschool and brought me up well enough to endure clerkship.

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