Friday, May 02, 2008

first day as interns

i woke up late because of my lola's 80th bday celebration and mine and my brother's graduation party in our house. i wasn't late but i intended to arrive earlier than i actually did. my co-intern, nina was already waiting for me on the second floor atrium lobby of the national kidney and transplant institute (where we are first rotating as adult nephrology interns). we waited for our fellow, dr. mallari to arrive from her morning rounds to listen to our orientation. we didn't expect her to be so kind to tour us through the whole nkti and even treat us to a small snack halfway through ^_^

it's amazing. the hospital. it's so leagues beyond what UST is. well, maybe in infrastructure and facilities. i will post pictures of the hospital here soon. my co-intern and i couldn't keep our amazement to ourselves and our fellow was already laughing at our wows and ooohhs...

maybe the best part is... that breakfast, lunch, and dinner is free! we just have to go to the dietary and ask for food. wow. what more can i say?! oh! and our fellows are so kind, patient, and they don't have deity mentalities. sigh... i think i made the right choice.

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