Friday, January 12, 2007

pictures from last year

section a 2008 christmas party
alumisin residence, tierra pura, quezon city

(l-r) kim, verle, niña, ron, chris & steff

the irregreg christmas lunch get-together
'wok with me' dapitan

ust paskuhan 2006

chris & sandy

our clerk friends, tin & tin, ivy, and aids joined us

(top l-r) aids, tin, verle, tin, ivy, steff
(bottom l-r) sandy, me-an, chris

in the medicine building lobby

kim, steff, verle, chris & sandy

ust paskuhan 2006


cLaude said...

you NEVER cease to make me happy.

(note the SARCASTIC tone please.)

cLaude said...

you just had to go and put pics up, huh? i'm talking about your "current" photo post, mister.

really funny. (sarcastic, oh yes i am.) and did you notice i dint comment on the post itself?! hah. lest he checks your blog, i dont want him thinking you're "chismis-ing" him to me. true, anyway. :P

why the hell did you block anonymous comments?! gah.

hehehe. i miss you chris. paramdam ka.

oh. BORACAY. on holy week. with batchmates. you up for it? angel's doing the planning. just lemme know if you wna go.

and oh, another thing. do you have Php 2,888 to spare? wna get rich like sam? hahaha. louie's putting up a new company and he wants the batchmates to be up the line. if you wna join, text me. let's get rich together. :D