Saturday, January 27, 2007

life in manila

i now have a few things on my mind since i've gotten >7 of sleep, threshold for creativeness and optimum functioning (based entirely on my own opinion).

first, i remember the reprimand we got from RVG, all points well taken. i felt embarassed about myself (though i passed the exam) because here i am, now getting all my 'requests' so i can study better and yet im doing 'just ok.' the truth is i've never been the one to exert 100% effort, i don't know why. i'm happier with minimal effort with acceptable results. what can i do? i'd have better than average grades but i'd be bitting everyones heels all the time? i don't want (nobody wants) to see that patootie. well, i think from what i've learned from RVG, i'd better start not thinking about my comfort level but how i can do this effort thing for my mom and dad. they worked their ass off for me, so i better perform.

living in manila's a blast! i don't have all the ammenities of my house but i'm near everything i can't believe it. the best thing though is waking 6 am when i've been up till 3 am reading (i'm speaking as if i'm enjoying doing it hahaha i do not!). the other day i saw my first cockroach (hahahaha) in my apartment, i'm not sure if that's whether i'm starting to be a slob or if it's a foreign visitor. i do hope it's the latter, but i certainly did gave what it deserved. i'm surprised im more responsible cleaning my house in sampaloc than at home, maybe because it's "my own" place.

i finished the first of a series of sketches i'm planning to hang on my wall since they're barren except for my calendar, i have not even hanged the mirror i brought from the house. i hope i can make a watercolor if i find the time so i can a little bit of color in there. i'll post the sketch i did here soon enough. it's based on notre dame in paris, but it's not an exact copy.

steff gave me a lot of ma ling hahaha really nice ^_^ and i coerced verle into giving up her blue half liter pitcher HAHAHAHA. sigh... i gotta accept it, i'm enjoying time away from home.

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