Monday, January 29, 2007

Il Divo on Babs

...This adventurous attitude they [Il Divo] showed was imbibed from working with Barbra Streisand who asked them to participate in her tour. David [Miller, the American divo] saysIl Divo and Barbra spoke nil about personal stuff during rehearsals and even their sit down dinner to discuss their numbers. All dialouge was about work, work and yet again, work. "Barbra is a very emotional persona. We learned just from how her mind works and how she sings live that she essays a song differently every time. As opposed to opera singing that's regimented in technique--almost to the point of leaving out the humanity factor--the music Barbra does gives her license to give a new show every time she steps on stage no matter if it's the nth installment of the tour. She's master at improvisation. For her, time--whether hers or her audience--is too precious to be wasted on redundancy,' says David."

from the Manila Bulletin, January 28, 2007, p. L4.

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