Sunday, June 18, 2006

Standing Room Only

this post disappeared. i've been having a lot of trouble with blogger lately, well... i just can't worry about this as of the moment.

this post actually is a rant how us paying Php78,000.00 per semester have to run, push, and shove people to get seats in our classes. i don' t know why the departments and the dean's office insist on combining two sections (around 200+ students) for holding lectures. it's hot, noisy and unlucky people end up sitting in the sides on the floor, on ugly uncomfortable chairs and even inside control booths. as much as i want to shut up and just try to learn, i can't! and i don't care if the reason is that lecturers don't want to repeat themselves or there are not enough lecture rooms. ust faculty of medicine and surgery... MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

remade june 19, 2006 (and with much subtler language... i'm sleepy already)


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