Wednesday, June 14, 2006

first day back in medicine

my mommy woke me up late but fortunately i was still able to prepare and leave early. i arrived at school quarter to six and was able to get a good parking spot, right across the left side of the med building. i spent my free time in the morning seeing my friends who are clerks now, it's their last day in medicine rotation, and i congratulate them for doing great! i hope i get as good as them when my time comes. i'd be following the same schedule they have now so medicine will also be my first rotation.

the only thing i can say from what i experience in this first day is that : we have lots lots and LOTS of reading to do. it may not be as difficult to understand as second year because of our background knowledge, but the sheer volume of material we have to take in and the quizzes every meeting that will force us to absorb all of it is really daunting.

well, i HAVE the motivation now, i hope i don't loose it as i receive more torment. imagine this... we had a quiz today! our first day! on our first subject ever. hehehe well... that's med... and we already have a written report to submit tomorrow for gynecology, which we'd have to read 4 chapters one of which is quite long. well... it's alright... bring it on!

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