Monday, June 05, 2006

pumped-up for next week

i’ll be back in school full time starting next week. in a way i AM excited, but of course i have the feeling that if i can only avoid it all together, i’d prefer THAT. hahaha. typical me.

last night, i brought my grandma to the usth-er around 12:00 a.m. i suspected her to be just hypoglycemic but for the peace-of-mind of everybody i brought her there. she was indeed hypoglycemic, her new medicine was causing it. it’s a good thing her doctor was able to call around 4:00 a.m. and instructed she just revert to her old blood sugar med and we were able to go home. i realize that things are going to be like this from now on. my grandma’s 82 and small variations in her usual routine will strongly affect her. young people can tolerate missing a potty break, our geriatric population usually cannot, a missed wee can mean a urinary tract infection, a missed meal – fainting. i wish i could be with her all the time to see to her but i cannot. all-in-all im glad she’s fine now. i hope she does well for a few more years.

well of course this gave me the chance to see my former classmates from maximus. i admire these people, they put up to the torture they are submitted to. i think you might think that their stories are over zealous, over embellished narrations if you hear them. but i think they’re just accurate. death is an everyday thing. they pay for their patient’s lab tests if these people cannot, they get blamed for everything, and they virtually get no sleep monitoring patients who are supposed to be in the icu but are left in their care. imagine people on mechanical ventilators in a very septic environment… sigh… we’re really a great country :-/

read my friend tin’s first day experience on her friendster blog

well anyway, i got my uniforms ready and i have stories of what my year should be like. i hope i’ll be able to take everything in. i want to do well. i hope i have the strength. i do know i have the will.

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